This page presents projects,  in the form of blog, following the fundamental values of the Intellar initiative, where sharing knowledge is the central theme.  Simple projects using available technology are presented and can serve as basis for school and home projects. The source code will be provided on the Intellar github page Intellar will support initiatives and advanced research in promising fields related to its mission and vision. Read what others have done, and tell us about how you can contribute. Everyone can help shape the future of IoT and of Intellar, be the voice of innovation ! 

This project objective was to create a prototype of a low cost, compact, and controllable projector using the raspberry pi computer and TI LightCrafter 2000.  

This project consists in converting a low cost motorized rotating display stand into an ultra low cost programmable rotating display controlled with python. The usb link is very simple and can be accessed from linux (ex. raspberry pi) and windows. 

Simple project where eyes are rendered on the oled display with an arduino nano. By quickly drawing changed in the eye shape, the eyes appear animated. Each animation is triggred over usb with a python script sending serial command.

A python implementation of the asn feature detector that can localize salliant  image corner features with great precision. 

A python implementation of projector mapping on planar scene using raspberry pi and the dlp2000 projector.